Claire - Evolve Nantwich

"The Nantwich Hub is an amazing place to hire for business meetings, the technology available is second to none, you can organise a global business or training session with ease. I have used the room for many board meetings and the facilities are fantastic..."

Kevin Murphy - ELS Legal Nantwich

"We use the meeting room when we need to connect with global clients, and also for directors meeting, when we need to be off site. Great facilities and very flexible approach."

Calum - Training Manager

"I enjoy training using the room facilities, it contains excellent technology if you need a creative meeting or training space, and a very useful breakout room. Also we have used it for filming with the green screen facilities and lighting."


Meeting Room Details

The meeting room can seat up to 10 people comfortably, in any seating format, from classroom horseshoe style, to individual desks, and conference style.  There is a separate room for breakout sessions, which can be used for lunches or refreshments.  There is also video equipment with lighting ring, Green Screen, Rhode microphone, LED Portable Lights, available for podcasts, Vlogging,  Social Media Blogging and You Tube.

The room is great for meetings, classroom training, workshops, and much more, plus a host of technology to make your presentations available to the world.

The 76" interactive Television  screen is a perfect solution for educational and corporate use. Its 75’’ infrared 20-point touchscreen featuring Note, web browser, file manager, cloud drives, WPS office and ScreenSharePro. It comes with dual touch pens, allowing users to annotate easily in 4K on files and on-screen content which can be saved directly on a USB device, 32gig internal memory or on a connected cloud drive.  It also acts as a giant touch screen for your laptop or PC.

The display supports playback of presentations, high-resolution video and almost any other type of content.

Share, stream and edit content from any device directly on screen and transform your team meetings or lessons into an easy, fast and seamless interactive sessions.

There is a dedicated high performance ceiling mounted camera  for the presenter, which can stream live sessions, and a second monitor to display remote users.  Also included are radio mikes for the presenter, and ceiling microphones so that discussions can be heard clearly and shared with all participants. A third TV supports class participants viewing remote users, and a separate camera shows classroom candidates to virtual candidates.

The interactive TV system has its own dedicated Zoom system that can track speakers in a large group, and feed high quality images to other attendees, great for company meetings and bringing together teams in different geographical areas.

The Barco 'click' system, turns any media device in to a virtual presentation system, that can then be displayed on the screen, and shared worldwide.